The conversion funnel and its phases

The conversion funnel is one of the most important measurement objectives of a website. Find out what it is about and what are its most relevant phases.

The conversion funnel is one of the most popular and important online marketing terms. At the end of the day, it is directly related to the different objectives that are usually raised when running the online version of any kind of company or business. Of course, this is emphasized when the objectives of these websites are strictly commercial rather than informational.

This conversion funnel can simultaneously determine the different phases or steps that each of the users visiting these websites have to take to achieve the most important goal: to buy a certain product or service and become a lead on the page.

These are the five phases or stages of the conversion funnel.

Phase 1 – Conversion Funnel: Acquisition

This phase consists of promoting the brand or product you want to sell through different types of online marketing strategies. These can be across the active participation in social networks, the generation of content that attracts the interest of the audience you are trying to reach, and especially via SEO optimization, which will help your product/ service to optimize positioning and visibility in Google.

The main objective behind all these actions will be attracting the largest number of users to your website to make it more popular and also, to get more people to buy your product or service. 

Phase 2 – Conversion Funnel: Activation

Without a doubt, this is one of the most difficult phases to materialize. After all, it is about starting to earn both the trust and the interest of the users in order to have a greater reputation and multiply your sales.

In any kind of company, this is the step that determines the recognition of the conversion. In fact, many analysts believe that once this phase is achieved, it will mark a turning point in which the popularity of your brand or product will be strong enough to start projecting large scale.

Phase 3 – Conversion Funnel: Retention

If previously we said that the activation phase was one of the most complicated through the conversion funnel, the truth is that this stage could be the other way around. Nonetheless, the main objective of the retention phase is to ensure that the audience spends as much time as possible on your website in order to achieve loyalty.

The reason why this phase is quite simple is that the most important element needed to start executing is to have the attention and interest of the audience in your hands. Which you had previously achieved in the activation phase.

Phase 4 – Conversion Funnel: Sale 

This phase can be considered as the final part of the activation period, since it tries to convert the users who have been attracted to your brand or product into real customers.

Logically, these different types of strategies have to be executed to ensure that the largest possible amount of users who follow you are willing to spend money on you. And oddly enough, this is a phase that many fail to materialize, thinking that having achieved many users is more than enough to start monetizing automatically.

Phase 5 – Conversion Funnel: Loyalty

This phase of the conversion funnel is at the same time one of the main rules of all types of business: make the clients you have obtained spend money again on your brand or product as many times as possible.

To achieve this, it is essential to offer not only a quality product, but also to provide the best possible service to make the customer feel comfortable and satisfied.