Team Stories I Magda Wrzosek

Get to know Magda, Key Account Representative for the Polish market

With this interview begins a new section in our content in which you will get to know each member of the Adpone team better.

This is Magda Wrzosek, our first interviewee, who is a Key Account Representative in the Polish market.

Get to know her better!


Hi, can you say a few words about you? What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a brave single mother who decided to move my whole life to sunny Barcelona. I finished my careers on psychology and journalism. Before I started working with Adpone, I worked in a book publishing house, publishing books on psychology, healthy eating, parenting and literature. I was responsible for the promotion department. I love a good book, delicious coffee with a sea view, yoga in the morning and exploring the surrounding parts of Catalonia. One day I will have a house with a sea view 🙂


What makes you get up in the morning?

My baby haha. Actually he wakes me up, so this is quite a big motivation. For 7 years I have changed my life. I started to eat a healthy diet, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I take care of myself and I think the positive internal energy to live and enjoy it in its pure form makes me come alive the most.


Can you tell us more about your position at Adpone?

I am very happy that I was able to start my professional adventure in Spain in Adpone. I have worked in the media and show business all my life, which is why working as a Media Buyer for the Polish market perfectly matched my current skills. My duties include acquiring publishers to cooperate with us, negotiating contract terms, arranging cooperation details, monitoring monthly reports and controlling payments. And also and above all, maintaining nice relationships with customers.


A passion outside of work?

My main passion and occupation is currently taking care of my nearly two-year-old son. Besides, I love to cook for my loved ones, go for long walks in the collserola park, meditate, read books, travel and discover the charms of this place.


What are your favorite things in Barcelona?

I fell in love with Barcelona a few years ago thanks to Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s books. Then, thanks to Gaudi, Salvador Dali and a few other gentlemen 🙂 I felt emotions in this city that I have not felt anywhere else. In the end, love brought me here. In addition, I love the proximity of the sea and mountains, seafood, amazing restaurants, and of course jamón!


Your best memory in the company?

I don’t work here that long, but I was perhaps the most touched during the surprise cake and birthday wishes. I’m quite kind and sensitive, and this moment really made me feel good. Thanks to the whole team again for that!


Can you tell us more about your background?

As I mentioned before, I have been working in the media all my life. I started my job in a word-of-mouth marketing agency. Then I worked in several advertising and event agencies, I was a producer at a TV station, and finally opened my own public relations agency. Running a company by myself is not the easiest thing to do, so after many years I decided to close the company and go to work in a publishing house.


Why would you encourage someone to become an Account Manager at Adpone, what are the perks of the job?

Working as a Media Buyer requires communication skills, willpower, steadfastness, a winner’s spawn and a bit of luck. If you feel that you have these qualities within you, don’t hesitate.


And finally, what do you like best about your job?

I like to be the master of my fate, the rudder and the ship, so I like the fact that I have quite a lot of freedom of action and I can go where my intuition directs me. 


Your motto at life?

Be yourself, because no one else will do it for you.