What is programmatic advertising?

Find all the information about programmatic advertising. We will tell you all the secrets about this innovative fully automated advertising purchase model.

If you wonder what programmatic advertising is, we can say that it is an innovative advertising purchase model in which the user has the opportunity to acquire advertising spaces in an entirely automated process. These spaces are those in which the advertisers can place their ads on numerous pages, mass media and blogs that can be found on the network.

Basically, it could be said that programmatic advertising is the online advertising sale in real-time. An authentic bid, that is generally subjected to different criteria which brands or companies establish to position their advertising. In fact, it could be said that this is a market not so different from the rest of the markets that are governed by the law of supply and demand.

History of programmatic advertising 

Although there’s the belief that programmatic advertising was born in the 2000s, the truth is that its history began back in 1993, when the first ad where you could click was sold. Enough said, this is one of the less well-known turning points in the history of technology, considering the implications it would have going forward.

Less than a year later, the first banner was launched, and by 1996 the web’s clients began to grow in such an incredible way that all this started to turn into a lucrative business. This scenario resulted in the appearance of the first Ad Network in 1996, allowing the different brands to advertise in the most effective way online thanks to the dashboard.

Already in the 21st century, the famous Adwords system comes into the playing field with all advertisers being able to create their own text ads without depending on anyone, in order to be included in the Google search engine. After this giant step, the ad servers that could measure both impressions and clicks arrived, to eventually appear the famous cost per thousand or CPM.

By 2010, the buying and selling of digital media began to experience a new dynamic and to be structured in a different way. From this moment, media agencies started to evolve in an unstoppable way, with advertising investment as a major implication.

Advantages of programmatic advertising 

Logically, programmatic advertising has a series of very interesting advantages that will be very handy when it comes to positioning the company’s brand or product. Thanks to the continuous programmatic purchase, advertisers will have the opportunity to access a higher segmentation ability, which will allow them to reach the target desired.

It is worth emphasizing that this feature is considered priceless by many advertisers, taking into account that being able to specify the type of audience you want to reach is one of the keys to success in any advertising campaign or project. 

Likewise, another great advantage that programmatic advertising offers is access to an unlimited inventory, which will allow these advertisers to purchase the ad space they most wish. This way, to display the ads in whatever media is desired.

This kind of advantage positions programmatic advertising above the competition, if we take into account that you will have the possibility of using two fantastic tools to give visibility to your brand or product in a way that is as detailed as it is efficient. 

Concluding, if you wish for your ads to go as far as possible, programmatic advertising can be your best ally to reach that goal.

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