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The best stories begin with high hopes, which are generally difficult to fulfill. Ricard Luquero and Alex Martínez had a considerable experience in advertising technology. Their expertise led them to envision a technology of their own to face the needs that were not met by the industry at the time.



The first key alliances were forged, and large media groups from Spain and across the globe—such as Google, Criteo and Pubmatic—trusted Adpone's technology.



The excellent results we obtained for our publishers and the arrival of new clients made it necessary for the team to grow. We opened up to new cultures, which helped us broaden our view on how to help each publisher achieve better results.



We started working worldwide, opening new offices in London and Miami and developing our video offering.



A time to reinvent ourselves. This year arrived to make us strengthen our relationships with our clients. And the rest of the year: to be continued …

Recurso 1






Alex Martínez


Sushi > Tacos > Burritos > Friday nights out > Monday Soccer > Football I’m just sayin’

Ricard Luquero


Tetris master with magic superpowers. There is no second chance to make a good first impression.

Pablo Salinas


Go hard or Go home.

Sergio Andres

Senior Developer

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Just kidding.

Raquel Sáenz

Partnerships and Business Development Director

So laid back sometimes she needs to lean forward.

Tijana Vankovska

Business Development Manager

It is hard to decide who is happier when gifted a new pair of socks, her or Dobby.

Paula Garaventa

Data Analytics Manager

She never ever skips a meal and has lunch at 12 pm, everyday, sharp.

Mora Álvarez Antúnez

Communications Manager

Turtle totem is her spiritual animal, whatever that may mean.

We are Barcelona-based and operate worldwide.
We speak coding, as well as English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Turkish and many more languages!

Gabriela Rodriguez

Key Account Executive

She is the Monica Geller of board games. YES to smiley faces in work emails :)

Anastasia Huz

Key Account Coordinator

Loves her life 7 days a week ^.^

Camila Vera

Key Account Coordinator

Official Adpone´s Dj, crazy about cats. Memes are her passion.

Anatolii Mikhailov

Key Account Executive

Keep things simple, inline skating, yoga and good music.

Camila Hervello

Key Account Representative

Docu Reality lover, napper expert.

Olena Plokhinska

Key Account Executive

Owner of a little spitz called Mishka. Lover of sunny Barcelona.

Matteo Leonardi

Key Account Executive

As a real italian, in order to survive, he has to eat pizza at least 3 times a week

Laia Nosas

Key Account Executive

Catmom. Her role models are both Shakespeare and Elle Woods. 

Camila Murillo

Key Account Representative

She wouldn't be Camila without her geek-fiction-movie comments and a random song on her mind playing all the time!

Maria Costa Lima

Key Account Executive

Brazilian-born, she believes that any problem can be solved over a hot cup of coffee.

Mayara Machoski

New Business Development

What living in different countries has taught me? .. that I love all versions of Sushi !

Marta Batista

Corporate and Internal Manager

First thing in the morning: a sweet smile, it's my cup of coffee, it helps me build bridges instead of walls.

Aleksandra Witalisz

Key Account Representative

Her motto is "The best people are bad in the head, and good in the heart" Frida´s words.

María Regina Jaeschke

Graphic Designer

The best designs come from teamwork :)

Carolina Morata

Marketing Specialist

Barcelona-based, tea taster as a frustrated career and Photography nerd.

Noemi Szilagyi

Key Account Representative

Bike, yoga, coffee, repeat. The happy Hungarian in the house :)

Yercko Santibañéz

Digital Ad Trafficker

Big sports fan. Until now, he has practiced more than 10 different sports and keeps going!

Magda Wrzosek

Key Account Representative

Mom of Jan. In life there must be duties and passion, happiness is loving your everyday life.

Silvana Sánchez

Key Account Representative

She governs her life with the motto of "Pura Vida" and is convinced that all companies should have a Costa Rican on their team.

Fabiola Paolelli

Key Account Executive

"If she could work from a cloud in the sky, she would."

Daniela Moya

Digital Ad Trafficker

She lives from the mantra Pura vida, her favourite days include good company, beach, skating and mojitos.

Anja Todorović

Key Account Representative

Full time Jukebox - Part time dance monkey - Freelance shrimp eater


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