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    Perfectly shaped formats for
    striking, eye-catching content.

    Display formats

    Medium Rectangle

    300 x 250

    Format which may be easily integrated within the content, suitable for rich media content, combination of text, images, video and other uses.

    Double MPU

    300 x 600

    “Wildcard” format, mostly used due to its excellent adaptability to the content of the page.


    728 x 90

    Aka the “Leaderboard”. Simple and effective ad unit, which can be placed at the top or bottom of a website.


    970 x 250

    According to the IAB, this format is a “rising star”, which has a great impact and makes an impression on the users, prompting them to interact with the banner.


    120 x 600

    This format, one of the most widely used, allows both text and images to be easily adapted and well displayed.

    Mega Skyscraper

    160 x 600

    This wider version of the Skyscraper, sometimes called a “standing banner”, represents around 12% of the global ad format inventory.

    Super Leaderboard
    Smartphone banner
    Large rectangle
    And many more!

    Talk to one of our experts to find the format that best meets your needs.

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    Video formats


    User-friendly format that offers a smooth and subtle integration into the content. The video starts when it appears on the screen, strategically placed between paragraphs.


    In this format, the user knows that the video ad will be played at some point. It is used for premium content and reaches audiences inaccessible to the TV.


    Thanks to its great versatility, this format provides contextual solutions that increase campaign reach.

    AVA Out-stream

    Always-visible on-screen format which catches and maintains the attention of the user.