Benefits of using display ads

Display ads have become one of the best advertising strategies to establish a strong online presence. Find all its benefits in this article.

The use of display ads has become one of the greatest advertising strategies in the ad world, not only to make the brand or product reach a relevant position on the online market but also to establish a solid presence on the online marketplace.

Popularly known as banners, display ads are online advertising formats that show a creative of a brand or product. Of course, this will be shown on different sites depending on the budget and the marketing decisions on which sites to advertise.

Generally, these ads will be shown in the top-center or top-right corner of the site. This can be done in different formats, including video, image, or only text. Some of the most common formats are the Megabanner, Billboard, Leaderboard or Skyscrapper.

While there are many businesses that still don’t know too much about display ads or digital display ads, it is an undeniable fact that this type of advertisement has a series of benefits that make it better than many other advertising strategies. Here we explain some of the most interesting things.

Display ads offer better interactivity

Even when television hasn’t entirely lost its prestige, it is a fact that the vast majority of businesses and companies are migrating to the online world in order to promote their brand and products.

After all, the last two generations are used to doing everything, like reading, learning, communicating and buying online on the internet. Given this situation, most companies know this is the place where they need to have a stronger presence. Users can interact with the display ad by activating or deactivating audio and video, and by accessing the whole information through the images, among many other interesting options.

You can measure the ad’s success

One of the most important aspects of every ad campaign is to successfully measure the results. After all, this is the element that will let you determine the number of people that managed to make contact with the brand or product you want to promote.

While this is usually difficult (and expensive) if you launch your ad campaign in the traditional way, it can end up being quite easy if you do it through display ads. The reason? Because you can measure and quantify every single ad campaign you do online in real-time.

As you can see, we’re talking about a great characteristic since you’ll be able to know in a pretty short time if your ad campaign is being successful or not. That way, you’ll be able to save not only a significant amount of advertising budget but also time.

Of course, this one represents another major reason why so many companies are deciding to invest more money in these types of ad campaigns instead of the traditional ones. 

You can segment the audience

Audience segmentation is basically the process of dividing users into different subgroups. These can be based on a defined criteria, including geography, age, product usage, personal interests or even some keywords.

As you can imagine, this is definitely the greatest benefit of display ads, considering that you can economize efforts since you’ll be able to target a specific amount of users that you think will be interested in your brand or product.

This technique will allow you to promote efficiently, including personalized messages to a certain number of users. Certainly, all of this can easily provide great results in less than expected.