Programmatic advertising trends

Find all the information about the latest trends in programmatic advertising. We tell you all the secrets of this innovative fully automated advertising purchase model.

The trends in programmatic advertising for 2022 will represent a turning point in the online advertising industry, considering the different strategies and innovations that many companies will start implementing to obtain the best results as soon as possible. In fact, it is believed that advertisers will spend approximately between $90 billion and $110 billion next year, pointing to the newest evidence that the Internet is the place where you’ll want to promote and advertise your product or service.

While the 2021 programmatic advertising trends were quite interesting due to the dynamics of the pandemic COVID that companies were forced to apply, the ones we will see next year promise to be mind-blowing. These are some of the most interesting:

The in-house programmatic will increase your power

The ability to always take full control has become one of the most crucial elements for brands to consider when planning their strategies. Given this situation, many predict that one of the hottest programmatic ad trends for the following years will be the increasing efforts for in-house programmatic. This trend started to be seen during the first months of the COVID pandemic, and now it appears to be here to stay in a more powerful way.

Of course, this trend will definitely mark a turning point in the industry and could even change the relationship between agencies and brands permanently.

Asset optimization will be one of the most important programmatic advertising trends

Although the creation of more attractive and high-quality ads has been increasing its relevance in recent years, different reports suggest that one of the most important programmatic advertising trends for the next year will be the optimization of assets.

The reason behind this reality is the way Google decided to “reduce the load” of ads based on videos that the search giant considers “heavy”. While the “tech giant” took this step to improve the user experience, many experts say this will seriously impact numerous brands that are using unsophisticated techniques without any optimization.

Therefore, many companies around the world will need to ensure that their asset optimization strategy is top-notch in order to survive the years to come.

Preparations for the P3PC world

One of the most devastating news for the advertising industry came when Google announced that it would phase out the use of third-party cookies by 2022. Considering the consequences this decision will have, a crucial programmatic advertising trend for next year, it will be the way  companies and brands will face this particular development.

As you can imagine, approaching the world of third-party post-cookies or the P3PC world will require some creative strategies to maintain performance profitably. In fact,it is quite possible to see some revolutionary innovations considering that third-party cookies became the most important aspect of online advertising in the recent years. 

 More investment than ever

The world of programmatic advertising has been increasing its investment every year. After all, we are talking about such an efficient business that shows what the business world is like today on the web.

Digital advertising budgets follow an upward trajectory, which clearly suggests that the amount of investment we will see next year will be the highest in history. The reason behind this situation is how the COVID pandemic has increased the power of the digital world, with so many people staying at home, more than ever, we have gotten used to doing all kinds of tasks online.

Use of emerging programmatic formats

One of the most promising programmatic ad trends for the coming year is the way many companies and brands will use emerging formats such as digital home media, audio, and even Connected TV.

Although these formats have been available since the last months of 2020, different sources suggest that 2022 will be the year in which we can finally see them in action and stronger than ever.