What is CPM and how to calculate it

CPM or Cost per Thousand is one of the most used methods in digital marketing to calculate the cost of an ad. We tell you what it is and how to calculate it.

Team Stories I Anja Todorović

Get to know Anja, Key Account Representative for the European Central market.

Best website monetization strategies

Finding the best blog and website monetization strategies has become the Holy Grail of generating revenue online over the last few years. After all, there have been several cases of blog and website owners who have reached huge success through it.

Online Advertising Trends

Digital consumption has exploded during 2021 because of the lockdown which had all of us spending more time online. and, therefore, advertisers have found on the digital ecosystem their customer’s focus for their brands.

Benefits of using Outstream video formats

Outstream video formats have a series of benefits that will allow you to captivate the user. Find out which are the main assets of this format.

What is programmatic advertising?

Find all the information about programmatic advertising. We will tell you all the secrets about this innovative fully automated advertising purchase model.