Programmatic advertising trends

Find all the information about the latest trends in programmatic advertising. We tell you all the secrets of this innovative fully automated advertising purchase model.

“More than 3 solutions are showing satisfactory results”

Device ID, ID5, Opensource solutions and more are being tested for the cookieless world.

How does header bidding work for publishers?

Header bidding is an advanced technique of programmatic ad buying that allows every single publisher to offer inventories to different ad exchanges before having to request an ad server. We’re talking about a pretty comfortable method that most publishers use because of its effectiveness and the way it makes their job easier in so many […]

Ad network vs Ad exchange

Here we will explain the main differences between Adtech formats.

GDPR compliance checklist

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as the GDPR, is essentially a legal framework that is used in the European Union, that sets the guidelines for the recollection and processing of personal data from people who live in this region. These guidelines, also known as the GDPR compliance checklist, target every single company that […]

Inspiring more women to take action in the tech industry

Paula, our Data Analytics Manager was interviewed by All Women, the first academy in the tech industry created for women, by women, where she upgraded her skills in the Data Science field.