Our technology -and culture- led us here

Adpone has been recognized by Financial Times and Statista in first place as the Fastest Growing Advertising Company in Spain

Adpone has already turned 6 years old, and each step taken on this path that can be seen as short and long at the same time, has been walked with a very clear objective in mind; to create a positive impact in the advertising industry.

It has been 6 years of betting on our in-house technology , and of having the daily mission of perfecting it in order to provide a website monetization solution that would give publishers the possibility of having a sustainable business, and therefore allow them to carry out journalism in the best possible way.

All this has been possible thanks to two main reasons.

We have proposed to try our hardest to know the concerns and needs that a publisher has. Our desire to understand reached such a point that we decided to create a website of our own, to get into her skin and study how we could help them step by step. From a small publisher, to a large media group, each one of them has specific needs, and our team is there to listen, serve, and give publishers the tools needed to thrive.

Here comes the second part; and to which we attribute much of our growth: having an amazing team that can make all this possible. Obviously, it could be said, all companies need people to function. But at Adpone we knew that it was not only about having people who make the technology work, it was also about making it possible for each publisher to find an empathetic person on the other side, willing to work to improve at all times, and who speaks in their language; in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Each member of the #Adponeteam pursues a common goal: to make every impression count.

Our company culture is based on three pillars that feed us daily; global culture, human approach, and continuous growth.

The perfect combination of this has brought us to where we are today: a recognition that we see and feel on a daily basis, but which is also now being recognized for the second consecutive year by prestigious institutions such as the Financial Times and Statista for our rapid, organic and sustainable growth.

1st place in Spain in Advertising, 6th place in Europe in Advertising and 178th place across all industries.

See the full report here: 1000 Fastest Growing Companies

What does the future hold? Much more. We will continue to work to continue providing high performance advertising technology to advertisers and publishers; following the trends of the sector, and betting on innovating at every step; and in continuing to nurture our culture.


A special and warm thanks to our network,

Adpone Team