“The key to a smart website monetization strategy for Q4 is to have ad slots in high-performing positions, focus on video content, and implement an Adblock solution”

webiste monetization q4
Alex Martínez, our CEO reveals the highlights of a website monetization strategy to get the most out of advertising inventory in this Q4 that is just around the corner.

Q4 is for those of us who are part of the advertising sector, the most relevant time of the year.

The advertising budget of agencies and brands – and their best campaigns- are reserved especially for this last part of the year in which users spend more time online consuming content and making purchases for holidays such as Black Friday, Football World Cup, religious celebrations such as Christmas, or the end of the year. Therefore, publishers can start preparing to make the most of their website monetization strategy. 

“The key to a smart website monetization strategy for Q4 is to have ad slots in high-performing positions, focus on video content, and implement an Adblock solution”

What can we expect in this last quarter? How is it supposed to be compared to last year?

After two years of abnormality due to the uncertainty experienced worldwide, things finally seem to return to their place. This second part of the year is expected to be much better than the first one, with a fairly important focus on the last quarter.

Retail and automotive seem to be the industries that would invest the most in advertising. There are already some active automotive campaigns, but a pick-up is expected towards the last part of the year. As for the retail sector, the supply crisis at the beginning of the year has been mostly resolved. Also, the tourism industry is much more active now, due to the easing of travel restrictions.


What should publishers take into consideration while building their website monetization strategy? How can they become competitive in this context? 

It is important for publishers to generate quality content. Semantic, contextual, quality content can make advertisers bid for your site and not for the competition. In turn, it is essential to think of strategies that increase the time spent on the page. The objective to pursue is to obtain maximum visibility to obtain direct campaigns. When it comes to formats, we recommend publishers count with ad slots in high-performing positions.


Is there a perfect format mix?

The format mix depends on each website’s layout. In general, the recommendation is to find the perfect balance between the number of ads, their quality, theme, and the content of the page.

Double MPU, or Skyscraper are formats that perform very well in viewability, since the user, when browsing the web, spends some time in each part of the ad.

Video continues to play an extremely important role. Instream is highly valued by advertisers and therefore this inventory is well paid. Added to instream, outstream can coexist, but the key is that quality ads are shown.


How can a publisher maximize the profitability of their site for the last quarter?

In addition to monetizing their regular traffic, right now there are solutions like Unblockia that allow publishers to monetize up to 100% of their inventory. I still feel that there is little awareness in the industry about how much the use of ad blockers affects the monetization of a website. Especially the big media can get up to 40% of their traffic without monetizing.

Unblockia offers different monetization models of ad blocker traffic, which impacts audiences while providing a pleasant online experience and meets all the demands of these users who are highly sought after by advertisers.

The key, I insist, is to have partners that can offer a set of solutions to monetize 100% of the inventory, and maintain the desired layout on the website.