Online Advertising Trends

What's new in advertising? 2022
Digital consumption has exploded during 2021 because of the lockdown which had all of us spending more time online. and, therefore, advertisers have found on the digital ecosystem their customer’s focus for their brands.

Digital consumption has exploded during 2021 because of the lockdown which had all of us spending more time online. and, therefore, advertisers have found on the digital ecosystem their customer’s focus for their brands.

The most popular online advertising trends 

The use of digital platforms and investment in online advertising grows five times faster than offline or traditional advertising. In online marketing strategies, there are different types of advertising techniques and resources with different purposes that create a much more complete and uplifting experience for users.

Here are some of these latest platforms on which advertisers are laying eyes on: 


Shoploop is a new Google platform that merges video and online shopping, bringing a more commercial approach to the short video trend popularized by TikTok.

Currently, an average TikTok user usually sees a product that interests them, then looks for demonstration videos of the product online, and finally goes to a website to buy it. This requires at least 3 different social networks and Shoploop is presented as the newest alternative to online sales by 2022.

With videos of 90 seconds long maximum looped with interactive links, this platform promises to shorten the distance between online marketing and online shopping interactively, making Shoploop a highly efficient type of online advertising.


This new trend in digital sports does not occur only on one platform or application, such as Twitch, a platform specialized in video game streaming broadcasts, but on multiple devices. With more than 600 million viewers worldwide, the world of video games has taken a huge leap with E-Sports. In fact, marketers have noticed it and the foray of online advertising in eSports is crucial.

Reaching a large sector of the population that previously seemed to be very elusive is now a reality, lovers of E-Sports and video games are often skeptical of traditional advertising and it is now possible to study their behavior online to create marketing campaigns that really reach this niche.

With a truly passionate and fast-growing international community, the investment in marketing campaigns is expected to be large and with promising results. Brands like BMW have already announced that they will derive several millions of investment from traditional sports to eSports, the investment migration is imminent.

Shoppable TV 

Without a doubt, streaming platforms have changed the way we watch television. And while subscription pay completely eliminates the use of ads, it has also increased the product placement technique.

Product placement is more common every day and with the change in the consumption habits of users on interactive platforms, it is essential to take advantage of the opportunity to give visibility to products and brands.

In-game advertising 

During the different lockdowns, many people have found themselves scrolling the app store on their phones to find games to entertain themselves as long as possible. And maybe, upon completing a level, they were probably shown an advertisement. In most cases, gamers receive a perk for watching these advertisements – perhaps more credits for the game or more lives to continue playing. 

While some may not appreciate this interruption to their gaming experience, we can expect this online advertising trend to continue into 2022 – and it’s something to take advantage of. With more than 50% of video game sales being attributed to mobile games, this is an area of opportunity for many brands and companies.

Advantages of online advertising

Online advertising is a great tool to internationally expand a brand, company or product, anytime and on any day of the year, reaching potential customers without the limits of traditional advertising.

At the same time, online advertising campaigns have a lower cost, allowing whatever the size of companies to compete freely. It also rewards creativity over the power and money of large businesses that in traditional advertising cover up their competitors.

Another relevant fact is that online advertising allows exhaustive measurement of results. Each action can be analyzed in detail to be able to make adjustments with great flexibility and achieve the objectives set. 

Finally, digital advertising campaigns make it possible to segment and facilitate the positioning of brands among their audience target.